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Biswajit Das's Artwork

  1. Kaleidotunes
    H:28, W:28 inch
  2. Kaleidotunes - Chaos
    H:48, W:36 inch
  3. Kaleidotunes - Duet
    H:30, W:18 inch
  4. Kaleidotunes - Melody
    H:25, W:33 inch
  5. Kaleidotunes - Psychedelic Vomit
    H:30, W:30 inch
  6. Kaleidotunes - Silence
    H:36, W:48 inch
  7. Kaleidotunes - Chorus
    H:23, W:23 inch
  8. Resurrection - Rebirth of Venus
    H:11, W:10 inch
  9. She-I
    H:23, W:15 inch
  10. She-II
    H:23, W:15 inch
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