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  • Huge range of Buyers
    Get your art-work showcased to a huge range of customers.
  • Quick Payments
    Once goods have been successfully delivered to respective customers, your payment will come to your bank account by online fund transfer.
  • Earn Badges
    Once you climb a milestone you get awarded with a badge, which make you look like more pro and trust-worthy.
  • Customize Profile
    Customize your profile with information like profile logo or your own photograph, your page’s banner photo, shipping and refund policies.
  • Add Media
    Embed video YouTube to show better details of your sculpture and stand out in the crowd.
  • Got Stuck? Ask Questions
    If you ever get stuck, let us know and we will help you with the best we have in minimum possible time.
  • Manage Your Orders
    Manage orders at maximum ease and help customers to have a better shopping experience.
  • Create Your Own Collection
    Add various products and create your own art-work collection that will be visible to customers.
  • Add Unlimited Products
    Add unlimited art-work (subject to curating team’s approval), and fulfill your customers need.


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