Half Hut Large Planter

Half Hut Large Planter

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Style Abstract
Medium Ceramic
Orientation N/A
Surface N/A
Country of dispatch India
Delivery charges Domestic shipping free, International will be charged extra
Material Ceramic
Depth in inches 4
Width in inches 8
Height in inches 9
Made by Anisha Gupta
framed N.A.

NAME: Anisha Gupta Jain


My pieces are virtuoso composites of basic forms thrown on the wheel and finished with handmade embellishment. My muse has always been nature, its enthralling shapes, forms and colors. A gaze at nature bombards my mind with innovative ideas for new forms and how to improve the current ones. A clay pot, I believe, is a supreme mythical vessel that combines together all four elements of nature- earth, water, air and fire. Creating with clay is meditative, contemplative, tranquilizing and relaxing. Pottery as a medium allowed me to express my deep love for nature and the serenity involved in it by making it possible for me to execute all my thought and ideas in concrete forms. For me, making pottery is a timeless occupation. Pottery transcends chronological and cultural boundaries. The essence of form, the movement of a brush, the quality of surface, the hidden meaning, and the integration with mankind’s daily existence over several thousand years, all add to the significance of this art.

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