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Style Impressionism
Medium Oil
Orientation Square
Surface Canvas
Country of dispatch India
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Material Canvas
Depth in inches N/A
Width in inches 48
Height in inches 48
Made by Amitabh Sengupta
framed No, rolled in pipe


Amitabh Sengupta

A deep contemplation of life combines with visual ingeniousness in the art of Amitabh Sengupta.  Born in Calcutta, Amitabh graduated from the Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Calcutta and received the French Govt. Scholarship to study painting/printmaking at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Having witnessed life in various parts of the world, including heading the Creative Arts department at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria and completing Ed.M at SUNY-B, USA, Sengupta’s experience and wisdom culminates in his deep and thoughtful paintings.

Sengupta returned to India in 1989 and lives in Calcutta currently, his love for the past with influences from all the places that he resided in are evident in his work, including his love for Indian folk art, African art and the form and beauty of ancient scripts. All these influences take the form of his unique art pieces, including the Mythscape series where Sengupta investigates the transient and eluding nature of the past and its existence in bits and pieces experienced as a collective that we know and recognise.

A constant learner and a creative investigator, Sengupta’s Mythscape series transformed from a rendition of the past and our understanding of it, taking the shape of his Inscription Series that delves into experimentation with scripts used as form. The artist deeply studied about the nature of language and scripts to create the series that reflects the ability of scripts to reveal ideas and paint the past through forms, binding his composition in a rhythmic verse of pure expression.

Amitabh’s work represents the evolution of the past and places within the mind of the spectators across time, characterized by the transformation of the geography, evolution of mankind within the space and the stories that unfold within it. His creations encompass places that have evolved from being a three dimensional space into a fourth dimensional plane consisting of various timelines within a two dimensional surface of his canvas. This ability to not just represent but culminate the entire existence of realms into beautiful visuals full of interesting play of color, rich textures and cryptic scripts and forms makes Sengupta not just an artist but a visual philosopher.

Despite his own creative practice, Sengupta has been a curator for numerous exhibitions throughout India and Bangladesh, uncovering talent that hasn’t been represented by galleries, exposing and uplifting young artists through his shows. He notices the inherent trends within the art scenario, like the general lack of representation of women in the art world due to social factors and believes in the talent of the unrepresented, hoping to bring these creators to the forefront through his efforts. A scholar and visual wizard, Sengupta’s life and creative prowess are a triumph for the art world. 

Amitabh SenGupta

  • Born in Kolkata, 1941.
  • Graduated in Painting from Govt. College of Arts and Crafts, Kolkata, 1963.
  •  Received French Govt. Scholarship in Printmaking and Painting, studied at Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, 1966-68. Solo shows during this period: Galerie des Beaux-Arts, Paris; Cité International de Paris, 1967 and ’68. Exhibited in the International show of the Salon d’Automn in Paris, 1968.
  •  Ed.M., State University of New York at Buffalo under AICE-UNESCO Fellowship, 1979-81.
  •  Received all India award in painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata, 1961.
  •  Received President’s award in painting, All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi, 1975.
  •  Worked in Nigeria as the Head of Visual Arts in two Universities, 1977-87. Listed as Art Advisor with the Federal Universities in Nigeria and with the UNESCO in Paris, 1986-87. Solo shows during this period: Owerri, 1979; Enugu, Lagos and Port Harcourt, 1986.
  •  Returned to Kolkata in 1988.


Selected Solo Shows:

 1988 – “Interiors” at The Gallery, Chennai.

 1989 - “Walls” at the Galerie ’88, Kolkata.

 1990 - “Interiors” at the Gallery Katayun, Kolkata.

 1991 - “Interiors” at the Art Heritage, New Delhi.

1992 - “Split Wall” at the Center Art Gallery, Kolkata.

1993 - “Surface of Time” at Sarala’s Art Centre, Chennai and Art Heritage, New Delhi.

1995 - “Surface of Time” at Crimson Gallery, Bangalore.

1996 - Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

 1997 - Paintings and Digital Graphics, Artworld Gallery, Chennai.

 2000 – Paintings and digital graphics, Art world Gallery, Chennai.

 2003 – ‘Surface of Time’, Habitat Centre, New Delhi; Artworld, Chennai.

2004 – Sumukha Gallery, Bangalore.

‘Mythscapes Series’,

2005 – Artworld, Chennai, October.

 ‘Inscription Series’,

2006 – Artmosaic Gallery, Singapore

Paintings and Digital Graphics, at Singapore and Kolkata, Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata;.

2007 - American Centre, Singapore.

2007 – Time & Space Gallery, Bangalore. ‘Inscription Series’,

2008 – Artworld Gallery, Chennai, Paintings and Video Art.

2010 – ‘Inscription Series’ and Video Art, BA-Gallery, Queens, New York.

2015 - Espace Segur, Paris.

2017 – Artworld Gallery, Chennai.


Selected Group shows/Art Camps:

 1990 – Bharat Bhavan Biennale, Bhopal.

‘Bengal Arts’, shown by Gallerie’88 at Mumbai.

1992 - Indo-French Confluence’ art-camp &  show in Kolkata and New Delhi.

1993 - “Two Bengals”, Art Camp and Show at Bangladesh Mission, Kolkata.

1994 - “Indian Contemporary Art” at Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Art Centre, in collaboration with Maya Gallery and Artworld, Chennai.

1995 - “25 Indian Painters” at Art Museum Ginza, Tokyo, Gallery Nagai in collaboration with Artworld; “Bombay-show” organized by H. V. Goenka, at Jehangir gallery, Mumbai.

 Art Camp and show at CCMB organized by Surya Prakash, I.V Prasad Eye Research Institute and CCMB, Hyderabad. 1997 - “4 Indian Painters” at Gallery Quadrivium, Sydney, in collaboration with Artworld Gallery.

1999 - “Indian Contemporary Art” at the University-gallery at Penang and the National Gallery of Modern Art at Kualalumpur, Malaysia, in collaboration with Artworld, Chennai.

2000 - Art camps and shows in Kolkata and New Delhi organized by Taj Hotels and Artworld Gallery.

2001 - “Indian Contemporary Art” Show at Oberoi, New Delhi, by Kalyani Chawla and Aloka Saha; “Creative Passageway” Show, USA and Israel, organized by Shari Davis Ferdman.

2002 - Indo-Korean Show, New Delhi, sponsored by Montage Gallery; “The Magical Mystery Tour”, works of five artists at Crimson Gallery, Bangalore; Art Camp and Show in Nepal, organized by Sangeeta Thapa; Art Camp and Show organized by Artmosaic Gallery, Singapore; Art Camp at Taj Hotel, Chennai, organized by Artworld.

2006 - Conducted the UBCHEA sponsored artist-in-residence workshop on ‘Digital Art’, at the Dept. of Fine Arts in Stella Maris College, Chennai.

2007 - Workshop in Sri Lanka; Workshop in Bali; Workshop in Maldives,

2008 – Group Show in Singapore; Art Trust show ‘Kolkata-Dhaka’, at Birla Academy, Kolkata; 10 Indian Painters, Tamarind Art Gallery, New York, June 2008; Workshop & tour in Thailand, organized by Ishvatham Gallery.

2009 - ‘Dhaka-Kolkata show’, Bengal Fine Arts Gallery, Dhaka, in collaboration with Art Trust, Kolkata.

‘Calcutta Painters’ – 49 Year’ show at Birla Academy of Art & Culture, Kolkata; and ‘Bengal Fine Arts Gallery, Dhaka; ‘Indian Contemporary Art’, show at Nehru Center, London.


2010 – ‘Deep within Souls’, group show of Indian contemporary painters, Suruchi Art Gallery, New Delhi;

Agora Gallery, New York, July 23 till August 13; Art Camp at ‘Silent Hills Resort’, Mumbai, Organized by Kanu Nayek Art Foundation.

2011 – Two-Man Show, at Time & Space Gallery in Bangalore, November.

2012 – Taj Camp at Fisherman’s Cove, Chennai.

2012 – Ganges Gallery, Curatorial show by Sunil Das: 22 Artists.

2013 – Invitation to Paris by Artmosaic Gallery followed by a major tour of museums & art galleries in Amsterdam, Munich, Austria, Prague, Hungary and UK.

2013 - Participated at the International Art Camp at Bereckfurdo, Hungary, April. 2014 – International Show, “Neverland”, Culture Inside Gallery, Luxembourg, May. 2017 – Invited by the Bihar Govt. to participate in ‘’100 yrs of Gandhi’s Champaron Movement’’ – an Art Camp and works acquired for the newly opened Bihar Museum.

2016 - Art Camp at ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad, December.

2015-16, Invited as Artist-in-residence program at IIT Kanpur (II semester). During the period, I organized a workshop at IIT, joined by two folk painters, Potuas, from Naya village in Bengal; and two Gond artists from Bhopal. Organized a second workshop with children – art with found objects, theme: Forest.

Jury Member, 1st All India Art Competition and Exhibition, 2018, Chitramayee State Gallery of Art, 4th Telengana State Formation Day Celebrations.

Member of the Committee and Curator: Bengal's 'Pãt' of Gold: An Exposition on Bengal’s Pãt Paintings at the Kolkata Centre for Creativity, December 2-23, 2018.

Works in major Collections, since 1988: selected list

President’s House, Lagos, and State House, Owerri, Nigeria; Lalit Kala Academy and Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi; Taj Group of Hotels, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi; Park Hotel, Kolkata; Kakatya Hotel, Hyderabad; World Tel; Pradip Bothra; Meena Dadha; Biswajit and Sarala Banerjee, Chennai; Kirloskar and Bicon India, Bangalore; ITC Kolkata; H.V.Goenka; L V Prasad Eye research Institute, Hyderabad; CCMB, Hyderabad; Moti and Soli Daruwalla, Chennai; Sanjay Tulsyan, Chennai; Alkazi Collection,Art Heritage, New Delhi; Saroj Poddar, Kolkata; Ashok Vijay, Texmaco Ltd., Kolkata; Suresh Krishnan, Zuari Industries Ltd., Goa; Bihar Museum, Patna; Chaise, New York; TATA Cummins; ACC India, etc.; in many private collections in Dhaka, Japan, France, Germany, Turkey, and USA.


Video Art Presentation

2007 - Presented ‘Creative Journey’ with Video-art and Poetry at Bangalore International Centre, 6th November.

2009 - Presented 6 Video-art at Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata.



- Book

‘Patachitra - Art in the Village’, Authorhouse, UK, 2012.

‘Memoir of an Artist’, Partridge Publishing, UK, 2014.

Ongoing writing: A History of Modernism in India (scheduled to be published in 2019).


- Articles

‘Positive-Negative’, Pramiti, Kolkata,

No. 44, 4, January 1970;

‘A Vacuum in Art Education,' Pramiti,

No.5, February, 1970;

‘Rethinking Art: The Case of African

Art,' Kiabara, Univ. of Port Harcourt

Journal, Nigeria, vol. 6, no. 2, 1985;

‘Art Education and Cultural

Imperatives: A Historical Perspective

in Nigeria’, (presented as seminar

paper at the Centre for Cultural

Studies, Univ. of Lagos, 1984),

Kiabara, vol.8, no.1, 1984. ‘Why

Group Why Not,' Art Today Journal,

vol. I, Issue VI, September, 1989.

‘The Art Market,' Art Today Journal, January, 1990 issue.

‘Akash, Prithvi, Chhanda’, (from Nigerian Diary), Nandimukh, Bengali language Journal, 1990. ‘Murto-Bimurto’, Yogosutra, Bengali Journal, 1990.

‘Shishu Shilpa O Goponiyo Satya’, Nandimukh, Bengali, 1998. ‘Banglar Pat, Potua O Patagiti’, (on folk paintings of Bengal), Ebang Prio Shilpo, Bengali language Journal, 1999.

‘Vasha Theke Vashantar’, Nandimukh, 2001. “Globalisation and Indian Contemporary Art”, Sejuti, annual number, 2002.

Paris Journal, Art & Deal Magazine, New Delhi.

As Founder Member and President of Art Trust, Kolkata, organized 9 shows with young and senior artists of India and Bangladesh, in Kolkata and Dhaka. Art Trust members also organized an All India Seminar on Contemporary Art, besides other smaller sessions.





The artist creates a composition that speaks of the past and the present and the inconsistent dialogue between the different realities within our minds. The canvas is richly filled with color, and rendered with objects that remind of days gone by, metal work that speaks of ancient times coupled with abstract brushwork that adds to the fleeting feeling of time. The artist expresses his love for the bygone and the interpretation of its meaning within the present context. Sengupta plays with forms and directs to the fact that we continuously create the past within the present context with the use of his figure of a metalworker to the right. The figure passively interacts with the central figure, which seems to hardly be affected by the viewer or the figure, standing within her timeframe, changing through time within the eye of the viewer.

Artist’s Concept Note :: Mythscape This Series developed through two experiential interludes: my eleven-year sojourn in Paris-Nigeria, and then, on my return home, an intensive period of travelling within India. African environment led me to observe the elements of myth and suggestive narratives. Myth became a dominant factor in my mind, for instance: myth can traverse through time and space, can transform the forms of gods, animals or human as imagined. Myth, again took another narrative in my mind, transforming past in the present, as in the remains of heritage structures. It simulated a reality in my mind: carrying sound-and-voices of life, that were memories. As if, past is tangible; one can reach out, touch and merge with the events, and re-create. With the wind and rain, under the open sky, the metaphor of time is re-creating the surface. The surface now, is my canvas.

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