Odd Realism - Nature 1

Odd Realism - Nature 1

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Style Abstract
Medium Mix
Orientation Landscape
Surface N/A
Country of dispatch Sweden
Delivery charges Domestic shipping free, International will be charged extra
Material Canvas
Depth in inches N/A
Width in inches 19.7
Height in inches 15.7
Made by Agneta E Hildon
framed Yes


Agneta E Hildén was born in Sweden, Gävle, in 1959 and is educated both as architect and artist from Sweden and France. Currently she lives and work in Stockholm’s archipelago, on Moose Island. Her palette is colourful and her artworks are studies and research of human nature. She expresses a deeper meaning in her artworks and she draws skilful with a typical line. The expression in the artworks are getting more reduced and spontan over the last Years


Her work is commended in how it pushes boundaries – Agneta’s work in examining the female form, body and mind. How the female body and soul expresses itself in a male context. Agneta E Hildén says it’s very important and absolutely necessary because otherwise in the future we will create empty rooms in society. Females have to express their own rooms minds etc.


Odd Realism, In addition, is also a kind of human sustainability: how people can understand each other’s reality from different gender, cultures, economic systems, et cetera. She participated in several soloexhibitions, museums, artfairs in many countries the last Years. Agneta E Hildén is several time an appreciated and an Internationally Awarded artist. She won the most Innovative Woman-Owned Architect Company in Sweden, the Design Innovation Award and the Female Designer of the Year – Global 2015 and 2018 and many other Awards.

The process and forte of representational art enters into abstraction with the work of Agneta, who skilfully lays down her philosophical ideas and unique view of the world onto the canvas. The artist uses bright colors that express en elated state of mind in connection to nature and its beauty. The artwork is aptly called ‘Odd Realism’, with a hint of naturalistic representation with the faded black strokes that seem to depict mountains and terrain, yet they are covered with the splashes of abstraction that Agneta beautifully spreads across the space in the foreground.

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