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Style N/A
Medium Water color
Orientation Portrait
Surface N/A
Country of dispatch India
Delivery charges Shipping free within India, International will be charged extra
Material Paper
Depth in inches N/A
Width in inches 15
Height in inches 23
Made by Biswajit Das
framed Framed. Shipped in Box.

Biswajit Das

Biswajit Das


Born 1982 in West Bengal, India


“Knowing me is knowing nothingness – knowing the truth is knowing the real”.

Creativity lies below the level of consciousness. True feeling, to me is something that is spontaneous. I prefer to use organic flows and spontaneous spaces to express my colorful world of different depths, textures, volumes with various tones & perspectives.

Exploring the world of different sounds around me through jottings was the way I stepped into my world of fine art practice. Then with the time I’ve started observing them carefully.

Curiosity for visual engagement is the driving force in my work.

The city life is my university. I find all the themes of my art-life – love, pleasure, anger, pain and compassion – played out there in full volume in various Forms, gestures, materials and concepts- this is how my creative process develops into works that are characterized by the consistent mediation of different means of expression. Particular emphasis has been given to the element of gesture past few years. As I developed a technique of ‘metamorphosis’, which allowed me to create compositional narrative within the representational element, the performance factor of gesture through which my aesthetic develops. I want my subjects of paintings to be real, not only in their physical appearances, but also, they have a deep psychological impact on viewers.

My vision is filled with the strong colours, flashes of lights and depths of shadows, airs of my birthplace and smells from the depth of my past and present, dreams of my future. These act as a continuous resource of concepts to my composition.

My work has been exhibited and collected nationally and internationally for over a decade now.

Date of Birth: 17th January 1982

Nationality: Indian

Language Known: French, English, Hindi, & Bengali

Education: Bachelor of Visual Art from Government College of Art & Craft,

                   University of Calcutta, West Bengal, India, 2006. 


Exhibition:    Art Basel’17, represented by The Artbox Gallery(Switzerland),

                      Curated show, JKK, Jaipur, 2017

                       Spectrum Miami ‘16, represented by The Artbox Gallery, (Switzerland), Miami, USA, 2016

                       Emami Chisel Art Fair, ECA, Kolkata, 2016

                       International emerging artist award, UAE, 2016.

                       VIBGYOR, group show, JS Art Gallery, Mumbai, 2016

                       2nd & 3rd Annual show, Emami Chisel Art Gallery, Kolkata,2016

                       Curenta, Curated by J S Art Gallery, UAE, 2015 

                       16th Online Artavita Contest, Santa Barbara,

                       CA, USA, 2015 

                       Kalanand  emerging artist award, Prafulla Dahanukar art 

                       Foundation, Mumbai, 2015

                       Group show, Nehru Centre, Mumbai. India, 2014

                       Group show, Academy of fine arts, Kolkata, 2014, 2015, 2016

                       Annual show, Birla academy of art and culture, Kolkata, 2014,  


                       7th & 8th annual show of contemporary group of modern art,       

                       Gallery Gold, Kolkata, 2013

                       Nostalgia 13, Birla academy of art & culture, Kolkata, 2013.

                       Golden Brush Award show, Kolkata, 2007

                       Charukala Utsav, Ministry of culture, Govt. of West Bengal,

                        2005, 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015.

                       Govt. College of Art and Craft Annual 2002-2006                       

Workshop:  Howrah centenary celebration, 2005

Collection:  Private collection in India, Canada, France.

                      Gallery collection: Chateau des reaux, France.

                      Saatchi art, CA, USA

                      Krishna Art Collection, Indian art ideas, New Delhi, India.

                      Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata, India

Awards: Basanta Ganguly Award from Govt. College of Art & Craft, 2006

               Suhash Roy Award from Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation, 2015

               Certificate of Excellence, gallery Artavita, USA, 2015

               Certificate of Excellence, The Artbox Gallery, Switzerland, 2016

               Certificate of Excellence, The Artbox Gallery, Switzerland, 2017

Portrait of a lady that shows a strong hidden emotion in her smile in her eyes are under the shadow though. Lovely smile and organic color formation is the key of fascination to this work.
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