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Style Abstract realism
Medium Giclee print in HP ink
Orientation N/A
Surface Archival paper
Country of dispatch Denmark
Delivery charges Shipping free within Denmark, International will be charged extra
Material N/A
Depth in inches N/A
Width in inches 32
Height in inches 32
Made by Jacob Berghoef
framed No. Rolled on a cardboard tube, secured with spacers in a solid card board box 7x7 inch

Jacob Berghoef

Jacob Berghoef 

Artist statement

Daily life in the western world is overflowing with stimuli that continuously force our senses to the limit of their abilities. In my photographs I seek to capture the simplicity and tranquility of natural environments and to share my experience of nature’s soul.

My work is often described by others as abstract, minimalist and impressionist. My style is distinct and pure, and is characterized by soft colors, soft focus and the effects created by how I move my camera during making the photo. I like experimenting and exploring the limits of what the camera can handle.
I myself describe my style as abstract realism.

I mostly work in nature where I immerse myself in the shapes, colors, sounds and stillness of the natural surroundings.
My work can be described as the most pure form of fine art photography, since I choose to create the abstract and impressionist effects as seen in my photographs, using only the basic camera settings.
Photo software is used only to remove dust or to adjust brightness, contrast and cropping to improve my compositions. I don’t manipulate my photos and I don’t use digital editing tools or filters.

The titles of my photos are an important element of the entire work of art. In addition, I often write a short poem or a few lines of prose to a photo.

With my artworks, I want to tease and stimulate more than just your sight. I want you to sense what I sensed when I made the artwork; the light, the temperature, the atmosphere… sometimes even the scent of a damp autumn forest and the cold of the whirling salty breath of a storm on the beach of the North Sea.




Jacob Berghoef is self taught fine art photographer, with extensive experience in analog photography, developing and printing in his own darkroom, as well as working with digital cameras.

Since 2014, after quitting his demanding job in facilities management and real estate, he focused on simple, natural living. This new way of living is reflected in his work; he is exploring the simpleness and the stillness of pure, natural environments with his camera.

Jacob was born in Gouda, the Netherlands in 1959. He currently lives with his wife and dog in a small farmhouse in the Danish Thy region in North West Jutland.

The special light and colors in this coastal area of Denmark inspired him to develop his current style. His photographs are being exhibited around the world and have been sold to collectors and art lovers in various countries.


“In the rhythm of our wings
we breathe”

'Soulmates' is a photo in the gallery 'Stray birds’.

Limited edition custom made print, signed and with certificate of authenticity. Maximum 4 prints in this size, in total maximum 28 prints.
Production time 6-10 working days
Other sizes on request

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