True Friends

True Friends

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Style N/A
Medium Ink
Orientation Portrait
Surface Oil paper
Country of dispatch India
Delivery charges Shipping free within India, International will be charged extra
Material Oil paper
Depth in inches N/A
Width in inches 4.15
Height in inches 8.25
Made by Ratnesh Dubey
framed No; rolled in pipe

Ratnesh Dubey

Name : Ratnesh Dubey (R.D.)


Date of Birth : 30.12.1972


Qualification: B.Sc, LLB, MBA


Description: I am a Woodcut Print artist. My forte lies in figurative style in relief printing. I have been into paintings right from my childhood and got my learning and inspiration from my aunt Ms. Meenakshi Dubey who is a prominent artist in the same field. Initially, I considered painting as my leisure but now I have taken it up as my full time profession. I opted for woodcut as my preferred style of painting, since it is a very ancient form of art, which is unknown to many people. It is a very laborious style, but very interesting and colourful form of painting. Making multi coloured painting in woodcut is my unique way of presenting my work.

About Woodcut Print Making

Woodcut is a relief printing technique in printmaking, wherein an artist carves an image onto the surface of a block of wood, ink is applied to the surface of wood, and is brought into contact with the canvas cloth or paper that is used to take prints. The surface is covered with ink by rolling over the surface with an ink-covered roller (brayer), leaving ink upon the flat surface but not in the non-printing areas. The artist then cuts away the parts that carry no ink, while the characters or images at surface level carry the ink to produce the print.

Multi-color Woodcut Print (Which I do) on the other hand is more laborious as the name suggests, is a process that starts with carving a design into a wood block and printing the first color on each sheet of paper. Then the artist carves more of the same block away and proceeds to print the second color. The process of carving and printing continues for each additional color until the final layer is printed. Typically, one prints from the lightest to darkest color.  After completion of the print, another edition can never be made of the same painting, because the block has been carved away during the creation process. A major challenge of this technique is to make sure that each of the blocks are placed exactly at the same position as the first one and are placed correctly at every color print. This will ensure that each printed layer lines up nicely as the multiple layers stack up as they are printed one by one.

As printing Ink is used for colouring and the USP of the ink is- it will never loses its shade or shine for 100s of year. i.e. the colours and shades will remain same for years as used during the making of the painting.

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